Video Games That Received More Negative Feedback

The following video games that are very popular have been experiencing a big criticism in the past and were¬†banned to some parts of the world. Few mentions below are your favorite video games and have received different¬†reason why they are banned. Have fun as you read this content. The Mortal Kombat franchise has been the […]

Popular Video Games That Are Banned

Microsoft x-box one was built a considerable blow during launch in Germany after the country’s entertainment software self-regulation body banned the game completely the region places heavy restrictions on games were you kill any human or human-like enemies so zombies obviously qualified for Germany. EA shooter Battlefield 3 was banned in Iran due to the […]

Technology Advantage Offer For Retirement

People like retired ones have a lot of things to do because of the technologies that can add each individual to make a new activity for them after their regular work. Technologies have been a great useful influence to each people especially to the older ones. This new world of retirement will arrive with a […]

Food and Technology

The food donations every year are coming in to Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee rise from November through December to almost increase what the charity receives in the rest of the year. It is a deluge of everything from canned soups, cereals to crate vegetables and fruits, presenting an operation that relies largely […]