A Wonderful Expo of Video Games With E3 – See Them Next Time

Every time E3 has an expo you know what happen next in that moment there are things you miss in that time if you are not around. That is why when there is expo be sure be there and enjoy the new trailers of your favorite video games.


Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay Trailer

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Gamers have been waiting so long for some real footage of Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts follow-up that he could have been a three-minute video of Sora and company doing the cha cha for 10 minutes and it’s still would have received the reaction it did. Luckily the developer didn’t go that route and we were treated to some other games fast-paced Keyblade action. The trailer was all about showcasing the combat in Kingdom Hearts three and showing off some other newer modification made to Sora’s arsenal. But it was exactly what everyone had been waiting for. Now it’s just another long wait until the title actually releases.


Fallout 4 Gameplay, Fallout Goes Mobile and The Pip Boy

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The reveal for fallout 4 came a little bit for E3 but that didn’t stop the gameplay video we were treated to from being exactly what makes something like E3 so exciting. To see the wasteland back in action was great but does those that threw a curveball by Pete read something entirely new to the Fallout series. Fallout shelter is on mobile companion to bowl out four that has you overseeing the workings of one of Fallout’s infamous bolts. Like any mobile game it’s all about waiting for tasks to be completed but its tie into the fallout world and its look at the underground civilization is what will make its so great. They also revealed a working Pip Boy which turns the iPhone into the game Staple arm computer. After but there’s this press conference we need a long nap.
Final Fantasy 7 Remake

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To say this reveal was big is an extreme understatement. When the PS3 was first released, gamers clamored for a remake to the series most popular entry. But the idea was never delivered despite a tech demo that led many to believe it was on its way but there was no indication leading up to the days prior to E3 that a remake was even in the works. So when gamers were given a glimpse up cloud strives Buster Sword and Barret Wallace’s gun arm, there was a moment up disbelief. After that quickly subsided and we all realized just how serious square Enix was. There was no stopping the flood of excitement. The trailers narration was also a cheeky parallel to the long umpteen year wait for the Final Fantasy 17 to reunite and a glorious graphically impressive remake.