Gamers Initial Reaction And Expect Greatness For Mass Effect 2016

Mass Effect Andromeda trailer e3 2016 are we ready to do this like that fancy a little bit well you know aspects IO mass effect is just spans. So much in the galaxy and there’s a cause in turn creates this massive effect on mass effect, you should be a game developer I’m that we have thousands of me that’s pretty much how I operate so here’s the idea mass effect was a trilogy. The games that followed one character commander Shepard while they she or he saved the galaxy from the Reapers. The one they’re called the Reapers angrier Reapers, first I thought you may reap what they sow gotcha this week and there’s an alien species robot high technology changes.

And at the same time it’s very weird and Shepherd is not in this new game but I won’t say why even though on everybody knows but I won’t say why Spence still game. Yes is not quite a spin-off supposedly in seeing universe totally but completely different parameters different story different time just a different everything except universe. I’m very excited sounds serious exactly what I thought it would be like pretty much not been told anything about the game. Nothing so far so I’m very excited to watch it too just as anticipated story about this as you should be as you should be Gregory. That’s going to cause partial Bible is this species has always depended on our drive to seek up the discovery. I just found our limits and expand with them because of our MillerĀ  normally I mean like mass effect we’re going to deliver the number before what’s this news station to my drama to go the new home for Humanity. We need that imagine distant Star systems remote teaming with alien life and civilizations amazing world’s where adventure danger and the unknown are waiting to be discovered. We created a universe that you will lose yourself.


I love that, I understand everything that’s going up, kind like interstellar, my first inclination is full well the first thing I noticed that she goes we made it Medical. I don’t want to makes me think that humanity had to escape some sort of tragedy in their last galaxy and had to come to a new one or expensive time maybe and now they are I’m pondering similar thoughts as you say them. It’s weird it’s like same thoughts at this point you know as much as I do we both watched the trailer so that this is all extrapolation I know words like that I have a big vocabulary. I don’t think Cavallari council does it, I’m a Helpmeet, so humanity choice was interesting to use a female character. They’re totally very interesting I may have read an article that said that the default main character is a female. Where is your last trilogy it was a male and you could choose to be a female but I feel like a hear more about friendship than I do about a male Shepherd.

Which I don’t know what he’s called doesn’t matter it’s going to be hard for me to play this game because I’m still mourning the loss of my captain Shepherd right in there chatting right there to be excited all you need to make sergeant. I mean you can at least speak to how cinematic the trailer was another trailer now. I don’t know what the hell’s going on like some stuff looks cool but I don’t know going on I can’t be that excited for it you got to be really know what’s going on here either but it looks so cool space guys. Will you understand a little bit of it right no this is all news story I guess that doesn’t completely unreal but you understand like the world that kind of go new world.

It’s the same page sure it’s a fantastic game I mean does it have a storyline that’s actually interesting yes it does ok really compelling and it has lots of twists and turns it’s usually very high stakes and larger scope understand. And I don’t want to compare it to star wars because it’s a video game not a movie and exactly will be fair. The video games Brianna way that’s true and I have played them so I can’t speak to them what I mean by that are that mass effect is really gorgeous. We really try to push the limits of Technology and trying fight finding new ways to explore and surprise you collecting different resources mass effect 2 did a really good job of allowing you to explore the galaxy mass effect 3 even had more of a big feel.



I mean there were just so many worlds that you could explore with so many different species and I’m really hoping that they do an equally good job on this. I mean it feels like they’re really going to try and expand even more in that even a really completions character like a player like me. You won’t want to go to every single planet and see everything there is to do it’s almost like they’re making it so that used impossible to do that and that makes me very excited. As a game player for the developers to going to the territory of let’s make a game so big nobody can explore it all I mean how cool would that be that’d be awesome right it’s interesting to see the inside.

You know it’s like you take the words right out of my mouth that’s why you have come here this is that’s why we are reacting to this trailer. You discussing this trailer, I need a buddy who I could talk about it with right exactly like someone like me wanting to have the camera stops rolling. This is all we’re talking about exactly video games, video games and storylines so this is fun, this is fine as catches hanging out right.

The blue lady for her no just her face looks so like quirky and fun and almost like she’s got so much personality just in her facial characteristics and I’m very excited to learn more about this character. I have a feeling they wouldn’t have put her in this trailer if she was an integral part of the game. So I’m excited to see where that goes what else what the scene where the space the little space pods is traveling from. It looks like one ship to another let’s go so that looks really details also really realistic very good similar observation skills on are you know the biggest difference. I see is mass effect 3 was all star stylized space where is this one looks like it’s going to be a very realistic space it’s not as artistically interpreted if that makes sense it looks like they’re trying to go for. What space would look like at least from, what I can see and that makes me very excited it does because it’s just all the more immersive totally so bored.



You know spirituals but it is being annoying, I have to say you for not knowing anything about this and not having any real anticipation for you it doesn’t get me my neighbors but if you weren’t really sure when neighbors because I respect you so much. I would actually be like really that I would have said my neighbors people across the street to the man upstairs it’s upsetting my viewers. My moment of truth, I’m a real artist well this video’s doneĀ  more observations, there is always more observations about mass effect well there will always be more to say no matter what you say is always like to go frame by frame. In that trailer and find something exciting to say about each part but what I really credit yourself on your observation skills. There that’s awesome I love it I love this game, I love this trailer, I love the series it’s very clear that the makers are putting a lot of love into this. My one concern I will say this before we go my one concern is that I don’t see any of what the plot line will be and that concerns me because one of the most important things in mass effect to me was the epic story. Was she was on a mission she might have come in Shepherd is on a mission to save the universe the galaxy you know she was on a mission it drives the plot forward. I didn’t get a sense of that in this trailer so I’m hoping another trailer will be released. A story trailer to kind of reveal what our mission is going to be what our objective is going to be it’s going to drive. The plot line for it because it’s hard to get higher stakes than it did in mass effect 3. Where it became a war where you had to literally politically convince different races to join your cause it was on a huge scale. And it’s going to be hard to beat that so. I’m hoping they can rise to the occasion I can make observations, however whatever I have to say would be the most basic observations anyone’s ever said like just good graphics.

Always a plus the actual looks cool yes story like my name when they showed the motion capture I got that person flying and then he turned around that looks so cool the motion of it looks amazing and like there’s so much attention to detail feel like you can actually be a part of this world. Know like really feel like you’re actually a part of it a whole separate I feel like this is this game would be a great option for virtual reality oculus rift.

This game would be awesome for it, I don’t think that’s going to be happening but maybe in the future I guess my basic observations run to that no that’s why wondering why you just sitting here being bored. I say your basic observation one time you brought me on to review something that I wasn’t too familiar with and I said what I could and that was an interesting juxtaposition between someone who knows a lot about it.

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