Unexpected Events Happens in Suicide Squad

Hey guys, what’s going on? Whether you’ve seen ‘Suicide Squad’ or not, it’s been pretty hard to escape all of the harsh reviews skewering the overly-hyped film.It seems, aside from fans’ issues with the plot, the public’s main gripe has been centered around The Joker, or lack thereof. After almost a year of hard promotion pushing stories about Jared Leto’s method acting ways, sending inappropriate gifts to co-stars and the numerous trailers and teasers, fans were set up to believe that The Joker would be a central character in the film.


As many people now know, Leto’s Joker is more of a supporting role who appears in less than 15 minutes of the film. Leto has gone on record to say that even he was surprised by his minimal role and revealed in an interview with BBC Radio one that there was so much footage leftover that an entirely separate Joker film could be cut from the scrapped material.

suicide squad

Now fans are taking matters into their own hands. While most of us just hopped on Twitter to vent about the film, one fan is taking it to the extreme and straight up filed a lawsuit against Warner Brothers and DC Comics. According to Reddit: “Suicide Squad trailers showcased SPECIFIC Joker scenes that I had to pay for the whole movie just so that I can go watch those SPECIFIC SCENES that WB/DC had advertised in their trailers and TV spots”.

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