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So if you’re like me you probably went and called your internet company they came and hooked up your internet. You got all excited and you’re going to have the super fast internet that you paid for in my case it was 30 mbps right so then they hook up your Wi-Fi router. And then you’re like cool I got 30 mpg PS Wi-Fi everything’s great you’re in your living room. You know kitchen wife is great then you go to bed that night and you realize once you lay down that your Wi-Fi all the way back in your bedroom socks right. So that’s what happened to me I had to basically try to figure out a way to get my signal back in my room so what I did was researched a couple options one of them was a Wi-Fi repeater this was just a little thing that you plug into your wall.


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Kind of back towards where you know my room is and it basically grabs the signal that’s there, which is kind of shoddy and then it repeats it basically throwing out a strong signal and already kind of bad signal. Does that make any sense so what I did is I found this product that’s kind of similar but what it does is you hook it into like in my case I have this wireless router here ok and then I also let me show you the product here that I just bought it’s by a company called TP link. So make sure you check that but this little thing there’s two pieces that comes with this is piece number one and all it is it’s a plug-in you know unit it just plugs right into your power really you’re supposed to plug this into a wall. It does I’d read things saying that you’re not supposed to plug it into a surge protector in my case it’s plugged into a surge protector and it’s working perfectly fine but as you can see it’s plugged straight in and it’s just hard wired with this white cable.

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You know you can see it there the back of my Wi-Fi router so it’s hardwired for internet into that plug-in unit right so essentially what this is doing is it’s taking the signal wired hardwired and it’s putting it into my power lines in my house. So think about this if you don’t have a house if your house is relatively old and it’s not like pre wired with this cat five like internet cable stuff. You know like all the modern houses are then what do you do all you can do is rely on Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi doesn’t really reach through walls okay but there’s this new technology that I’m using and it puts your you’re wired internet signal through your power lines so that means unit number two which I’ll take you there now another little plug-in.

You know box unit you can see how far I’m walking my wife and it is terrible it’s like 1.5 mbps, so unit number two is chilling. So you plug it in anywhere you need it so in my case this is the farthest room from my actual Wi-Fi in my house. And it’s just plug directly into the wall and that’s it is just plugged it in that was it and I had this thing except the signal coming from the power lines.

So it’s a hardwired signal I’m getting the exact same speeds that I’m getting right next to my wireless router whether I’m on Wi-Fi or wired directly to it it’s the same exact speeds here coming out of this unit. However is now broadcasting a Wi-Fi signals directly from here in my bedroom and the speeds that I’m getting on my phone or on any device at all but I just use my phone to test it with that speed test app.

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And I’m getting 34 mbps download speeds that’s phenomenal that’s hardwired speeds through this unit now I this unit was the cheapest 1I could buy this brand this product there’s a couple of the companies out there that make these use whatever one but you know by all means whatever you’re comfortable with. I’m not to sell this brand or anything like that but I’m just saying if you guys are looking for a way to know extend your wireless signal dude this is the way to do it you guys.

Need to pick this thing up I’ve never heard of it I just by doing my research I was able to figure all this stuff out I thought I was going have to get that like you know normal Wi-Fi repeater and have it like repeat my already crappy signal. And then I’ll have just kind of like good performance Wi-Fi but man I’m getting 35m ppmd PS I’m paying for 30 my company gives me like 34 35 it’s 35 back.


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There on Wi-Fi I mean that it was as simple as that you just plug those little units into your wall you hard wire from your router directly into the unit. Only and then that unit over their projects the Wi-Fi signal there is a little code on the back of it so it is secured and the code is on the back you just have to look at the code or write it down so when you search for it in your phone or whatever device to search for the name and you type in that code and you’re in it’s the same internet. You have, I mean it’s phenomenal, I’m you can tell that I’m excited about it because I just learned about at night. I didn’t know what I was going be able to do to fix my problem that I was having. I was going through like options of like rewiring my house trying to run wires in the attic and stuff and I’m like that how can I do this and then I learned of this and it just solve the problem so simply I couldn’t believe it anyway the link to this product.

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